Original Works

Lynn Evert

Lynn Evert is a self-taught artist. Heavily influenced and inspired by her talented artist father, she spent most of her childhood exploring her innate ability in as many different ways as she could, finding, along the way, that the uncompromising techniques required for mastering watercolour were too inhibiting for her. But as a child, Marvel comic book illustrations, the zaniness of Mad magazine, story books, and even her Father’s huge selection of books on the masters provided some direction towards contemporary art and artists. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring and the raw gestural style of graffiti-like painting and images by Jean Michel Basquiat came into focus and remain a touchstone for her work. Lynn falls outside the confines of any particular artistic movement. She paints simply because she loves to paint, as well for meditation and escapism. Much of her work is sold through local galleries and through commissions. A dream is have a painting hanging in the Tate Gallery.


Abstract artist WP has produced two original works in response to Covid-19. Both acrylic on canvas, the first depicts a world in chaos, with little more than a semblance of order remaining. The depicted explosion occurs from the centre of the work, outward, in much the same way that the coronavirus begins with a person, comes from within nature – the centre of everything, and rushing outward, destroys all in its path. `The second, with bold vertical brush strokes is reminiscent of the ubiquitous graphs we see that chart the up and down progress of the virus, leaving us with a mistaken sense of where we are when in fact, as the blurred separation of colours shows, we are as confused as we were when the virus first emerged.