SA Medical Schemes Looking to Change Solvency Ratio Legislation

Do current solvency levels limit a medical scheme’s growth and inhibit expansion into low-income markets? One thing is for certain, there’s been a shift in global opinion about pre-determining the solvency ratios for private medical schemes. South Africa is no different. Read the full article here.

Our Doctors Walk Away

The public health sector is bleeding older healthcare professional providers (HPPs), who are leaving the state to practice in the private sector. But they aren’t staying too long in the private sector either, with many opting to deregister their practice numbers and hang up their white coats before they reach the age of 50. This […]

Findings of Private Health Inquiry to be Dumped?

There is a risk that the Health Market Inquiry’s recommendations on the private health sector will be disregarded by government as they do not align with the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, warn health activists. But are the two mutually exclusive? And what are the government’s plans? Read the full article here.