Dear Friend,

With just 34 days left before the HASA 2022 Conference gets underway at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, we are into the final bend with logistical arrangements and planning. The response from delegates and exhibitors to the resumption of the conference after a two-year hiatus has blown us away. Thank you to everyone who has already registered, and to exhibitors who have so quickly booked their stands.

In this first of three update emails, I just want to let you know:

  • That speaker announcements are about to start;
  • We will shortly be releasing the programme;
  • You can follow announcements on the conference web site or on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I also wanted to give you a glimpse of the themes we will be covering. Our overall theme is “Resilience through Collaboration”. Hewing to this, nursing, reflecting on the pandemic and into the future, will come into focus. We will also give the platform to several data and digital innovations in healthcare. Of course, there will be discussions on the National Health Insurance particularly in light of what we have learned from the pandemic. Given the very many on-the-ground events that occurred in the last two years, we will spend some time discussing healthcare management during scarcity and (lots of) adversity. Of course, there will be much more ground that we will cover – this is just a sample.

Until my next update, please remember that registration is open, that our delegate rates have been kept to pre-pandemic levels, that we have negotiated discounted hotel rates at nearby hotels, and that all conference delegates get free entry to the Gala Dinner (more on this in my next update).

Finally, we are determined to make the event as safe as we can, given the virus is still among us. Accordingly, we are in contact with our experts and are constantly reviewing regulations – we will shortly announce the steps we are taking to make sure that the venue is as safe as we can make it.

We look forward to seeing you at conference. We missed you.

Mark Peach
Executive: Public Affairs

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