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A Salute to Healthcare Worker Families
Every day, all around the country, families wave their loved ones goodbye as those heroes go back to the frontlines to battle the disease.
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Private Hospitals in the Pandemic Response
The Story, so far
Here is a flavour of the contribution that private hospitals have made to fighting the Covid pandemic.
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HASA Presentation on the COIDA Amendment Bill
On the 28th April 2021, HASA addressed the Parliamentary Committee for Employment and Labour on the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Amendment Bill.
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HASA supports SANC's #bethatnurse Campaign
HASA supports the South African Nursing Council campaign to celebrate nurses and nursing in its #bethatnurse campaign.
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HASA Congratulates Dr Nicholas Crisp on His Appointment
The Hospital Association of South Africa extends its heartfelt congratulations to Dr Nicholas Crisp on his appointment as Deputy Director-General for the National Health Insurance.
The Business for South Africa collective, formed to support the Government-led response to the Covid pandemic has a range of Covid resources available for businesses in the country. Visit www.businessforsa.org for more information.
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