Healthcare’s New Dawn

With the election over and a new Cabinet in place, the challenge is to ensure a new dawn for healthcare in South Africa The signs are promising, says HASA CEO Dr Dumisani Bomela.

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Welcome Minister Mkhize

After years of dedicated and tireless work to address HIV and TB, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has handed the national health baton to Minister Zweli Mkhize. HASA welcomes the new Minister and pays homage to Minister Motsoaledi.

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Imagine. We do.

HASA’s brand strategy positions the organisation as a collaborative, optimistic, dialogue-drive, research and innovation-based organisation with a mission of ‘advancing healthcare.’

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Featured videos

In our research centre you will find over ten years of accumulated research and videos of interviews with experts from Econex (now FTI Consulting) covering human resource shortages, supplier-induced demand, and health inflation.

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In our featured research section we recommend the Insight Actuaries and Consultants research report commissioned by the Hospital Association of South Africa titled: ‘Quality Measurement and Reporting in the South Africa Private Hospital Industry’

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