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On behalf of healthcare workers, their families, us, your neighbours, and friends, and everyone medically vulnerable who needs your support and care

The Human Resource Supply Constraint: The Case Of Nurses
Read an Econex research report compiled in 2010 covering the shortage of nurses in the country and related critical issues.
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Ageing Nurses: A Crisis On The Horison
Spotlight reports that nurses make up a large part of the healthcare workforce but almost half of them are set to retire in the next 15 years, making current shortages only the beginning of what seems likely to be a growing problem.
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Medical Skills Are In Short supply; We Cannot Omit Them from the National Skills List
Dr Dumisani Bomela, says the association which represents most private hospitals in South Africa, is perplexed by the omission of medical skills, in particular nurses and doctors, from the recently released critical skills list.
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On the nurse shortage and a recent court case
The Pietermaritzburg High Court just two weeks ago, directed the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health to authorise within 10 days our application for the training accreditation of 230 nurses.
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We need a human resources for health "Marshall Plan"
The intake of nurses dropped in the early days of the democratic era when there was a consolidation of nursing colleges to remove the duplication in costs that were the hallmark of the apartheid system.
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