Purpose, Values and Brand

Purpose and values

The Hospital Association of South Africa represents the owners and managers of the majority of private sector hospital beds in the country. It is mandated to act according to specific purposes and within agreed values.

In fulfilling this purpose, HASA will:

1 Lead the industry by engaging proactively with stakeholders and thereby informing the health reform debate
2 Represent the interests of its members and the private hospital industry as a whole to enable the satisfaction of demand for private healthcare in the broader healthcare system
3 Serve the interests of patients by promoting quality care and patient safety

Our agreed values are to:

1 Act with integrity and dignity towards patients and stakeholders
2 Be caring in our approach
3 Engage with various parties for the greater good of healthcare
3 Act responsibly at all times


The Hospital Association of South Africa exists to lead the private hospital sector, to represent it in appropriate forums, and to serve the interests of members who are drawn from the sector.

It does this by positively engaging with various stakeholders to inform the legislative and regulatory environment, by advocating for quality healthcare for all, and by contributing collaboratively to debates and discussions concerning healthcare reform, improvement, and expansion.

In a phrase: the association exists to advance healthcare. This commitment is given creative expression by the hand embedded within the organisational logo. Our philosophy is to not merely pay lip service to continuously improving healthcare but to roll up our sleeves, to put our hands to the task, and act to do so – hands advancing healthcare – in concert with other role players in the wider healthcare sector who share our philosophy.

In portraying who we are and what we stand for, both in our actions and in our creative expression, the following qualities are demonstrated:

  • Visionary
  • Collaborative
  • Research-based, thoughtful and innovative
  • Optimistic
  • Dialogue-driven

Ultimately, we believe that it is in our hands to collectively champion healthcare – all we need to do is imagine a better healthcare future, and act to make it so, together.

At HASA, we do.