Eden Gardens Private Hospital recognises long-serving staff

“Staff are the most valuable asset in any organisation and long-serving staff are crucial to our organisation as they hold ‘firm-specific knowledge’ which greatly benefits our customers and stakeholders.”

These were the words of the hospital general manager, Qhubekani Ndiweni at the Eden Gardens Private Hospital long service awards ceremony held on Thursday, April 4.

Forty six staff members were celebrated for their loyalty to the hospital since its opening in 2018 and having achieved five years of service with the hospital.

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Two of the company’s directors were also present and thanked the staff for their journey with, and commitment to the hospital. In a humbling speech, one of the award recipients, Anusha Gobindlall, expressed her gratitude to her fellow colleagues for the warm environment and culture that they have established working as a team over the past five years.

“What makes coming to Eden Gardens Private Hospital so fulfilling, is the people and not just staff but patients and doctors too”.


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