Signing of the NHI Bill: Responses

Signing of the NHI Bill: Responses

The Presidency announced last night that President Ramaphosa will sign the National Health Insurance Bill into law on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, at 14h00 in the Union Buildings. The announcement has been met with considerable consternation and disappointment by many within the healthcare sector who, for many years, have contributed their insight, knowledge, expertise, and research to try and strengthen the Bill and help make the reform measures more likely to succeed. many of them feel their efforts have been ignored and that the reform is now likely to be tied up in court and years of acrimony. Here are some responses to the announcement.

The Progressive Health Forum’s Dr Aslam Dasoo spoke on Newsroom Afrika last night.

The South African Health Professionals Collaboration, representing 25 000 doctors, specialists and professionals from allied disciplines, released a statement saying the President “has an obligation to ensure that the NHI improves, rather than limits overall healthcare for every citizen. He has failed to do this.” Read their statement here: 25 000 healthcare professionals express profound disappointment as unworkable NHI Bill destined to be signed into law_14May24

Business Unity SA, the apex business association, also released a statement expressing its concern and disappointment. Read their statement here: BUSA statement re President signing NHI Bill

The signing of the Bill on Wednesday will likely be closely scrutinised for details on how the reforms will be implemented and paid for.

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