HASA Visit to KZN


HASA Visit to KZN

Last week our executive team accompanied the chairman of the Board, Andre Joseph, on a visit to KwaZulu-Natal. Umhlanga Ridge, to be exact, we we shared the HASA aspirations for a stronger, more accessible South African healthcare system, for collaboration between the public and private sectors and within the latter, and the work we are doing to achieve our goals.

Dr Dumisani Bomela, HASA CEO spent some time outlining the structure of the organisations and how it is set up for strong governance and to blend the necessary skills from across the private hospital sector, in order to successful achieve the objectives the organisation has set itself.

The chairman covered HASA’s approach to, and positions in, the busy legislative and regulatory landscape facing not only our sector, but the private healthcare sector and the entire healthcare system – since no section of it operates in isolation. Under his scrutiny were the National Health Insurance, the Health Market Inquiry, Prescribed Minimum Benefits, the accreditation of institutions for the National Health Insurance by the Office of Health Standards Compliance, the Presidential Health Compact, and more specific issues such as the Certificate of Need, the Low Cost Benefit Option, and Human Resources for health shortages.

The visit was a learning opportunity for the HASA office – lessons will be applied in the next round of regional visits to venues to be announced shortly.

Dr Dumisani Bomela, CEO, sharing thoughts at the HASA visit to KZN.
Mark Peach, Executive: Public Affairs opening proceedings at the HASA KZN event.

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