Hospital Association of South Africa elects new Board


Hospital Association of South Africa elects new Board

Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) members elected three new representatives to the Board of Directors, returned Dr Biren Valodia as Chairman, and requested Neil Nair, Chief Executive Officer of the National Hospital Network to take the Deputy Chairmanship, at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting held last week.

The three new Board members are:

  • Gale Shabangu, Chief Transformation Officer at Mediclinic Southern Africa
  • Mr Nceba Ndzwayiba, Group Director: Human Resources and Transformation at Netcare, and,
  • André Joseph, General Manager: Funder Relations at Life Healthcare.

Ms Clara Findlay (Mediclinic Southern Africa) and Mr Matthew Prior (Life Healthcare) did not stand for re-election, and earlier this year, Ms Lynelle Bagwandeen (Netcare) stood down from the Board to pursue other professional interests.

Dr Valodia paid tribute to the departing Board members by pointing out their critical roles in guiding the organisation through complex legislative reform processes, in representing private hospitals in a number of regulatory, legislative, and operational forums, and generally in providing assistance to the sector through their activities as HASA Board members. “Clara, Lynelle, and Matthew brought strong legal and accounting skills to the Board but far more than that, they added great insight into healthcare operations, tremendous commitment to the private hospital sector, and always a positive outlook on the future of our country. We regret that they have elected to stand down but are fully supportive of their decisions and deeply grateful to them for their contributions.”

Dr Valodia added: “As we begin, cautiously, to look beyond COVID-19, always careful to acknowledge that the pandemic is not over yet, we increasingly find ourselves confronted by a changing world that will demand a combination of existing and new skills. It is no different at HASA. New members of the Board will bring fresh perspectives and diverse insights to complement the experience of re-elected Board members like Melanie Da Costa (Director of Strategy and Health Policy at Netcare), Amil Devchand, (Chief Executive Officer at Lenmed Group), Otto Wypkema (Chairman of National Hospital Network and Chief Executive Officer at Arwyp Medical Centre), and Dr Paul Soko (Executive Head of Clinical Services and Quality at Life Healthcare).”

“Over the years, HASA has been led by strong Boards of Directors who have responded to the ever-changing healthcare environment. I firmly believe that this elected Board is superbly placed to continue this tradition and stands ready to bring to the fore the perspectives of a growing strong independent private hospital sector, an approach to transformation that will strengthen private hospitals and consequently the country, and the requisite strategic, marketing, clinical, hospital management, strategic, and health policy knowledge that we require to take our place in the building of a strong health system that provides universal access to healthcare. It will be my privilege to serve with such an outstanding Board at so important a moment in our history, ” said Valodia.

Full biographies and photographs of the new Board of the Hospital Association of South Africa are available at

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