Compiling the private sector corporate social investment story


Compiling the private sector corporate social investment story

A few short months ago we decided that a compelling private hospital story needs to be told. Essentially, the story is that of private hospitals, specialists, nurses, and other support staff and the significant contributions they are making to provide care to many who are sorely in need of it. There is a related story. How private hospitals are contributing to building capacity, leadership, and research to strengthen the healthcare system, mainly through contributions to the Public Health Enhancement Fund.

We wanted to tell the story as visually as possible so we sent a film crew to selected sites to record what was being done. Along with them, we sent a photographer out to take pictures. Some of these are reproduced below. The video and the photographs will shortly feature in a summary of corporate social investment by private hospitals in a separate section of this web site. For now, here are some of the pictures. These are from a site where several cleft lip and palate surgeries were being done, pro bono:


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