HASA Statement on the Presidential Health Summit


HASA Statement on the Presidential Health Summit

The Board of the Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) participated in the Presidential Health Summit held on Boksburg, Gauteng, from 19th to 20th October and wishes to convey its thanks and appreciation to the President of South Africa for making the gathering possible.

“The Presidential Health Summit has the potential to be a turning point for healthcare in South Africa,” said HASA chairman, Biren Valodia. “It brought together stakeholders who, by acting in concert, can effectively build the healthcare solutions we need. We welcome the collaborative thinking and the real sense of partnership that was evident among stakeholders, who were focused on continuing to build a healthcare system for all that is accessible, acceptable, and affordable.”

“The private hospital sector looks forward to further dialogue between the various stakeholders who attended the gathering and to offering its participation, insights and capabilities to help the Government successfully address the healthcare challenges facing the country,” said Valodia.

According to Valodia, the Hospital Association of South Africa will now engage in a series of internal discussions to build on the discussions conducted, and the agreements reached during the summit.

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