Hospital Association of South Africa Board Announced After Annual General Meeting

HASA Board Announced

Hospital Association of South Africa Board Announced After Annual General Meeting

The Hospital Association of South Africa is pleased to announce its Board of Directors that was elected at its Annual General Meeting on the 2nd October 2018 as follows:

  • Dr Biren Valodia from Mediclinic is elected as Chairman. Dr Valodia is Chief Marketing Officer for Mediclinic South Africa.
  • Matthew Prior from Life Healthcare is elected as Deputy Chairman. He is the Life Healthcare Funder Relations and Health Policy Executive.
  • Melanie Da Costa is the Netcare Director of Strategy and Health Policy.
  • Amil Devchand is Chairman of the National Hospital Network.
  • Lynelle Bagwandeen is the Netcare Company Secretary and General Counsel.
  • Dr Paul Soko is the Life Healthcare Executive Head of Clinical Services and Quality.
  • Clara Findlay is Mediclinic South Africa Head of Legal Services.
  • Elsabe Conradie is Chief Executive Officer of the National Hospital Network.


Chief Executive Officer Dr Dumisani Bomela is the executive representative on the Board and is unaligned to any of the Hospital Association of South Africa member groups. Tienie van den Berg, the Chief Executive Officer of Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, has retired but has agreed to continue to serve the organisation as Treasurer.

Incoming chairman Dr Biren Valodia welcomed the election of the Board and paid tribute to the outgoing chair, Melanie Da Costa, saying, “Melanie held the reins and directed the organisation through a period of legislative and regulatory complexity, until the tabling of the National Health Insurance and the Medical Schemes Amendment Bills and the imminent release of the Healthcare Market Inquiry provisional report and recommendations. Her deep and insightful knowledge of policy and her far-sightedness in healthcare enabled us to make a number of positive contributions to the many debates underway, and in so doing crucially helped the Hospital Association of South Africa to represent the private hospital system in engagements with key stakeholders. She has given the organisation strong leadership and purpose during her tenure and we are all grateful to her for her massive contribution to the private hospital sector and to healthcare reform. Fortunately, Melanie remains on the Board and in typically selfless fashion, she will help the Board through this transition and will continue to make an invaluable contribution in these still-complex health reform processes.”

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