30 Days Left!


30 Days Left!

We are only 30 days away from the annual Hospital Association of South Africa Conference, this year at The Form in Bryanston in Johannesburg. We are thrilled to announce that among the speakers are the ex-Deputy Commissioner of the United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority, a specialist in value-based healthcare strategies who works closely with Professor Michael Porter – the leader in this field – and Professor Sharon Fonn, who sat on the South African Healthcare Market Inquiry.

They will be joined by such luminaries as Anthony Norton, Shrey Viranna, and Rolene Wagner – the leaders of Nortons Incorporated, Life Healthcare, and Frere Hospital respectively.

The third day of the conference will have a distrinctly futuristic feel about it as four experts from the world of technological advances and digital innovation take to the stage: Dr David Jankelow, Dr Michael Mol, Dr Wiliam Maphan, and Dr Dan Gordon.

For more on the conference, and to book, please go here. 


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