HASA Conference Logo and Theme Unveiled

HASA Conference Logo and Theme Unveiled

What we do this year, and next year, and the years thereafter will be critical to whether all South Africans receive the healthcare they want and deserve. If we collaborate to find solutions to the many steep challenges we face as a nation we will have a chance at arriving at an end goal that we all want – quality healthcare for all. If we collaborate to find solutions, we will necessarily enhance the good that we have in the system and out of that good, evolve a healthcare system that serves the nation as it should. To achieve successful ends, we will need to think forward – into the future; and we will have to be forward thinking – to think beyond our limitations and constraints. How we think will dictate whether we collaborate and how we collaborate; how we think will determine whether we can enhance the good we have built; how we think will decide what healthcare system we evolve. Thus, the logo and theme for this year’s annual Hospital Association of South Africa Conference to be held at The Forum, Bryanston – from 1 – 3 October 2018.

HASA_Event Logo_White Background

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