Catalogue of HASA research: 2010 – 2016

Catalogue of HASA research: 2010 – 2016

2016 All above research below available at

–      Comments on select aspects of the NHI White Paper

–      The future role of medical schemes in South Africa

–      A Constitutional response to the White Paper on NHI

–      HASA NHI White Paper submission

2015 –      Identifying the determinants of and solutions to the shortage of doctors in South Africa: Is there a role for the private sector in medical education?

–      International benchmarking of hospital utilization: How does the South African private hospital sector compare?

–      Analysis of medical scheme statutory returns and Council For Medical Scheme annual reports over time

2013 –      Comparing the cost of delivering hospital services across the public and private sectors in South Africa
2012 –      Medical scheme expenditure on private hospitals

–      Public vs. private health sector rationing mechanisms: Theoretical and practical         considerations

–      The contribution of HASA member hospitals to the South African economy

2011 –      National Health Systems: Public service vs. insurance-based models

–      Funding the NHI – earmarked tax

–      Private voluntary health insurance under NHI

–      Modelling the rationing of healthcare

–      The human resource supply constraint: The case of nurses

–      Modelling health seeking behaviour

–      A few practical considerations of the proposed NHI

2010 –      The human resource supply constraint: The case of doctors

–      Provider payment systems

–      Patient choice and referral

–      Integration of the public and private sectors under a National Health Insurance (NHI) system in SA

–      Practical implications of accreditation in South Africa

–      Accreditation of healthcare providers



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